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The mission of the company "Green plants" - to lead the market of plant protection products, providing farmers with high-tech, unique products of biological origin. We provide professional advice and value our clients, so it is our credo to be responsible for the result. We improve people's lives by taking care of Ukrainian land, quality of harvest and health of the nation!

Company values:

  • Leadership. "Green plants" is a leader in taking care of plants and yield. We meet the urgent needs of agricultural producers in Ukraine to improve the stress resistance of plants, soil fertility, quality indicators of grown products.
  • Professionalism. We take responsibility for everything that we do, constantly improving the results, achieving maximum efficiency. Our team are professionals with significant experience in the agricultural field.
  • Uniqueness. Only we offer the best innovative solution to improve the stress resistance of plants. Uniqueness is the result, because the increase in productivity and yield of plants is on average 20%.
  • Responsibility for the result. We treat the earth with care and eco-friendliness, that's why chemical solvents are not used in the production process, and the products themselves stimulate the development of soil microflora, improve its structure and increase the number of available trace elements. The average yield increase in 2020 for cereals, single application by the phase of outlet into the tube, in various soil and climatic zones of Ukraine, was 4 t/ha, which allowed farms to get additional profits (more than 600%).
  • Taking care of the Ukrainian land. The company's activity is aimed at improving the results of agrarian activities with the benefit of the soil, because in the process of using our innovative products there was observed the neutralization of accumulated in the soil pesticides, ions of heavy metals and radionuclides, as well as reduced soil salinity and water saturation index, moisture retention in the soil increased.

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